How to Get Shutterstock Coupon Code

It is nice to purchase something for an affordable amount, but it is great to get it for a far cheaper price – especially if you have a Shutterstock Coupon Code. Stock photography has become popular as many individuals have been drawn to the World Wide Web – whether to connect through social media, create a personal blog, promote an advocacy, or expand their business horizons. The Internet has become a highly trafficked haven for exchanging information and connecting people from across the globe. If you wish to create a personal blog or make a website for your company, there is one common task for all to do: create content.

Content can be words, images, videos, audio and the like. Of course, not all viewers are readers and not all will be pleased with a word-only website. However, if you are not fond of taking photographs or doing graphic design, you may wish to use stock photos to convey your message more expressively and creatively to your readers. Long articles can be easily explained through an infographic and messages can be easily understood through pictures. The internet is a wide space for getting stock photos. However, it is not as easy as using a search engine and downloading the result right then and there. Images, nowadays, are protected by copyright laws and can only be reproduced or used once you have purchased a license. On the other hand, things do not have to be that complicated. There are certain websites that makes the whole process easy – that is why there is Shutterstock.

Shutterstock is one of the leading and most affordable photo banks to get amazing stock photos, vectors, videos, and music tracks for your website or project. Founded in 2003 and based in New York City, Shutterstock is a leading provider of stock photography and digital imagery licensing composed by artists and experts and operating in more than 150 countries and 20 languages. To date, Shutterstock has a collection of 50 million amazing images, vectors, videos and music tracks.

When it comes to payment packages, Shutterstock has one of the best payment plans. For an annual subscription, you can pay for only $199 per month and download for as much as 750 images every month, this also includes an all access pass to JPEG and vector sizes. It is by far the best value package solution. For a 6 month subscription and a 750 download per month plan, you only pay for $224 per month. If you only need little content for your website, you can settle for a single month subscription for the minute amount of $249 per month. Although you get more and pay less with a yearlong subscription plan, but short term subscriptions are also pocket savvy. You can also avail of the basic plan for $49 for 5 downloads of images of all JPEG sizes and vectors. The validity of the basic plan can last up to a year. Moreover, there are also an enhanced subscription plans with which you can have access to all TIFF as well as JPEG and vector images.

Of course, with Shutterstocks’ roster of 50 million stock photos, getting the most out of it is great. However, getting the most out of it with a coupon code is far better. There are a variety of coupon codes that you can avail. You can obtain 11% discount on images-on-demand packs, 10% discount on all footage packs, or 14% discount on all subscriptions – the coupons options are endless. Moreover, with the influx of coupon codes, it pays to know which is which and which is legitimate. Shutterstock also offers its own coupon code on its website – you can get a whopping 10% discount in your next purchase.

To use Shutterstocks’ coupon offer, simply visit the website and choose from among the haven of package plans. To determine which package plan would you need, evaluate or estimate how many images you would need for your website. There are basic, professional, and enhanced subscriptions – varying on the number of images, duration, and cost. If you only need a few from 5 to 25 images, then you can settle for a basic plan. If you need hundreds or even thousands, you can settle for a professional subscription. If you wish to download large scale TIFF, images, and vectors, you can go for an enhanced subscription.

Choose a plan and continue. Simply choose a package plan and click ‘continue’. You will be directed to a page with your order summary. The order summary displays the plan that you have chosen with the corresponding price. Click on ‘do you have a coupon code?’ and log in the code. The code is indicated in the coupon and is composed of letters and numbers. There are many websites offering coupon codes – even Shutterstock has a ready coupon in their website. After logging in the code, you will see the tremendous discount that you have received. Simply key in your payment details and click ‘process order’ to transfer payment. Shutterstock accepts almost all payment types like VISA, American Express, Mastercard, Discover, and JCB. Once processed, you can now enjoy a roster of 50 million stock images and your coupon offer. You will have your own account with your indicated Lightboxes page, account details, history of downloads. Lightbox allows you to categorize groups of photos and send your collection to your colleagues or friends. If you have a specific image that you need to look for, simply key it in the search bar. You can also click on the ‘Refine Search’ to indicate the specifications that you need.

Shutterstock is a haven for superbly well-designed stock photos that will suit your website, whether it may be for your website’s background, texture, header, or image post. Shutterstock is great and even greater with the Shutterstock coupon code where you can obtain amazing offers and discounts.




New Shutterstock Free Helps You Save Money… Guaranteed


How much of your budget have you set aside for stock photos this year? If you’re like most marketers, you probably have a budget between $300 and $500 – unless you’re really big agency that needs 750 images per month.

Most people don’t need that much.

Let’s not downplay the value of a well-picked stock photo. Without a stock photo as a part of your message, you have a bunch of text. In fact, you may have nothing but text. When you’re faced with a wall of text, how inclined are you to sit down and read it?

Unless it’s really important, like a contract, you’re probably not going to spend too much time trying to get the gist of the message.

But now, let’s try adding a stock photo or two. All of a sudden, your message becomes a work of art. People want to stop by and look at your message. It captures people’s attention and makes your entire endeavor worthwhile.

The sheer value of a single stock photo is impressive.

Shutterstock Is Different.

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This is where Shutterstock comes in. Shutterstock is different because they offer so much more than stock photos. Do you have a podcast? They have music files that can enhance it. Do you have a YouTube channel? Do you post videos to Facebook? Shutterstock covers that with stock video footage.

It doesn’t matter what kind of marketing platform you use or what kind of project you have on your hands. Shutterstock covers it all.

Their library has over 70 million stock files in it. It’s growing – every single day.

Imagine the Value.

Back to how Shutterstock can save you money, did you know that Shutterstock gives way two free image files every single week? That’s right – no obligation. Let’s put a Shutterstock price on this, shall we?

If you were to create a Shutterstock account right this very instant, and you were to take advantage and download the two free files from Shutterstock every single week, you would end up with 104 free files one year from now. That may not seem like a lot, but let’s put a value on this.

If you were to purchase 25 images, you would be paying $229. Multiply that by four and you’ll end up paying $916 for 100 images. Since we’re talking about 104 images, let’s add four more images to that. For $29, you can get two images. That means for $58, you can get four images. Altogether, that’s a total savings of $974 for 104 images!

You can start saving right now by going to Shutterstock and creating your free account. You don’t need to sign up for a subscription. Create your account and come back every week for your free images. Watch your library grow – free of charge!