7 Main Cheap Stock Photos Tips for Charities

cheap stock photos tipsWhat can transform a dull website to an amazing piece of work? High quality, relevant and carefully selected cheap stock photography can. Images tell a story. Who else tells better stories than cheap stock images? Stock photos cheap create a connection with people by illustrating points, explaining abstract concepts, and invoking emotion. Thus, their usefulness should never be underestimated.

If you are on a budget, choosing cheap photos can be a taunting task. You need to make a decision on where to get them. Many cheap stock photo sites are legitimate sources. To make a deal with the best, weigh in the pros and cons. However, the main challenge does not come with choosing a stock agency rather with choosing stock images. Here are a few tips to help you source images for charities.

  • cheap stock imageDefine the criteria of your ideal images. Perhaps the biggest challenge in cheap stock photography is knowing what you are looking for. The best solution to this dilemma would be to define a criteria before you start looking for a single image. Make a list of the concepts you want to convey so they can help you find the same image. You need to factor in some characteristics of other images as well.
  • Know where to look. Where are you planning to get all the images you will use for your charities? If you are thinking about Google search, stop. Google images do not give you the license to use them anywhere you want. In fact, they can put you at high risk for copyright violations. Thus, it is best to visit various libraries of reputable cheap stock photo sites and register to two or three of them. Then, you can purchase images on demand or subscribe to a plan to download and use them legally.
  • Make use of search criteria. Have you ever had that feeling you finally found the shoes you are looking for but was disappointed to discover they are so expensive? You may get the same feeling with cheap stock photos if you do not use search criteria. Always start with the cheapest bracket and work your way up. Other criteria you want to take note of are size if you are going to print your photos, orientation, and copy space.
  • Get the right size and license. Charities may not benefit from the cheaper rates that editorial images have. Thus, you need to check licensing options first before you purchase an image. You do not want to pay for what you do not need, do you? In addition, cheap stock images come in various sizes. Work out what size you need so you do not have to pay more just to crop the images you bought. After all, cropped images can turn to blurry and pixelated photos.